About Us

The owner and developer is local Brazilian construction company, licensed by the real estate authorities in Brazil, CRECI. In business on the island for 8 years, they specialize in providing property and investments for both the international and local Brazilian markets, exclusively on the island of Itamaraca.

Peter Zorab is the Director responsible for Manga Verde Beach Residence. Peter is British and has lived on the island for 8 years. He has been involved in running a number of businesses in the UK, as well as, previously, an international real estate company in Florida. He was also responsible for the very successful Itamaraca Beach Residence, already completed.

The architect is British born, but has been living and working in the nearby city of Recife for over 30 years. Both the engineer and project manager are Brazilian, and have worked for several large development companies in Recife. The sales office is located on the island of Itamaracá, next door to the development.


https://www.prehistoricsoul.com/cwze998fuc Anthony Asael , international photographer and Manga Verde Beach Residence Partner and Developer, will manage rentals locally. Owners will be able to benefit from his enormous work and human experiences in 192 countries and will receive high quality services.

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